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True Refrigeration T-23F-HC Description


The True T-23F-HC single-section freezer maintains a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit. A capillary tube system controls the flow of R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, which regulates the internal temperature, and a consistent volume of air is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet with condenser and evaporator fan motors. Since the condensing unit is mounted on the bottom of the cabinet, it is accessible for maintenance, while the defrost system turns on at a specific time and shuts off when the unit reaches a certain temperature.

Operating in reverse for 20 seconds upon start up, the condensing fan motor keeps the condensing coil clean. Removing dust and debris from the coil helps maintain product temperatures and reduce energy consumption. To ensure the unit has a long operating life, users should perform preventative maintenance regularly.

This reach-in freezer is built with a sturdy cabinet constructed of a stainless steel front and an anodized aluminum back, top, and sides. Its aluminum interior has a clear coat to simplify cleanup while a stainless steel floor with coved corners enables users to wipe up spills and debris. The True T-23F-HC freezer has a right-hinged door that opens on the left. To create a positive seal and prevent air leaks, the unit has a magnetic gasket, while the solid door is self-closing.

One Door Freezer

  • Refrigeration System

    • Operating temperature: -10 degrees F
    • Temperature displays on cabinet exterior
    • Capillary tube system meters refrigerant for quick response to temperature changes
    • Uses R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant
    • Evaporator and condenser fan motors create even air flow
    • Condensing unit is mounted in the bottom of the cabinet where temperatures are cooler and there is less grease in the air compared to top-mounted equipment
    • Automatic condensing fan motor blows in reverse to rid the condensing coil of dirt and dust
    • Automatic defrost system automatically initiates on a timer and terminates when the system reaches proper temperatures
    • Evaporator is epoxy coated to resist rust
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