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Jonathan De Santiago, owner and operator of ThermalSolutions Heating & Cooling based out of Kearney, NE. Company was first formalized in May of 2019. Talents and skills were inherited by my Dad ( photo of him down below). After my abilities, knowledge and skill-set were well developed, I made the risky decision to open and start my business. With a talented growing team, we have been operating since.

During the years I have worked DILIGENTLY and ENDLESSLY in creating a unique business model that focuses on surpassing the standard of customer service. I have created custom and tailored preventative maintenance plans, payment options, an online store for homeowners to buy filters. A unique website to meet all of our customers needs, and a phone that gets answered! Our exceptional work is recognizable thanks to all those who have confided in us in the time that we have been operating.

Best Regards,

Jonathan De Santiago | Owner | Operator

Meet The Team

Surpassing the standard of customer service

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