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True Refrigeration TDD-1-HC Description 


The True TDD-1-HC draft beer system is perfect for bars or catered events since it can be rolled around on 4-inch-diameter castors. The interior features heavy-gauge galvanized steel walls and a stainless steel floor, which has a reinforced lip and door threshold protector to prevent dents. To block out hot air, the entire cabinet and solid door are insulated with high-density polyurethane. Magnetic gaskets create an airtight seal around the door, so air does not seep out. Items are protected since the door has a lock.

On top of the draft beer cooler, a 3-inch-diameter, insulated stainless steel column dispenses beer. Cold air is channeled directly into the beer column to reduce foaming while keeping beer cold and bubbly. In the cabinet, a single keg can be chilled at a set temperature ranging from 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and an aluminum glass rail around the top perimeter keeps glasses and other items from falling off. To streamline maintenance, the True TDD-1-HC draft beer system's condenser slides out from the back. The compressor's fan motor reverses upon start up for 20 seconds to blow off debris, dirt, and dust from the condenser coil.



One Tap Direct Draw Beer Dispenser

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