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 Preventative Maintenance


When you call our technicians for professional maintenance, you know you’re receiving the latest tools, technology and industry standards. Our skilled accredited technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and willing to ensure they are providing you with the highest quality of service in the industry.

At HomeSolutions heating and air-conditioning, we are committed to treating our customers like our own family. That’s why we hire the best technicians and only use the best tools and technology. If you need an conditioning maintenance, grant us your trust in order prove to you that we are the preventative maintenance company homeowners deserve.

Why hire ThermalSolutions Heating and Cooling?

Why is HVAC Maintenance So Important?


  • Safety: Safety always comes first for a heating system. The majority of furnaces used in the area are natural gas-powered, and any device using natural gas has the potential to become hazardous without routine inspections. During furnace maintenance, experienced technicians will check the gas line and the heat exchanger to find out if there’s a danger of carbon monoxide leaks. If the technicians find anything wrong, they can arrange for the repair work (or possibly system replacement) necessary to keep the furnace working at the highest levels of safety. Yes, electric furnaces can pose hazards as well, such as starting electric fires from bad wiring.


Warranty Protection:

  • Warranty protection: The warranties for most furnaces have a condition that the unit must receive regular professional maintenance. If the furnace isn’t maintained, the warranty is voided, and you may end up paying for repairs or replacements that would otherwise be covered. Maintenance keeps you protected from manufacturer faults.

Repair Prevention

  • Repair prevention: Here’s a sobering fact about furnace operation—around 85% of the repairs a furnace may need during its service life come from lack of maintenance. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you eliminate 85% of the repairs you’ll need to pay for. I.e. almost all of them. You’ll save money and convenience.


  • Extended system life: How long do you want your furnace to last? “As long as possible!” is probably your answer. Maintenance is the best way to see that you enjoy those years from your furnace. Without maintenance, most furnaces won’t even make it to half their manufacturer’s expected lifespan, and no “repair” is costlier than having to schedule an early furnace replacement.

System efficiency

Residential Service Agreements

  • Keep heating costs down: Each year a furnace runs, it accumulates wear and tear from the strain of working and from dust and dirt. This lowers the efficiency of the furnace as it must consume more power to run than it normally does. When the furnace is maintained, you won’t see a continual rise in your utility bills

  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Residential HVAC
    Valid for 12 months
    • 15% discount on repairs
    • 15% discount on air purification products and systems
    • Repairs are 100% guaranteed for one year*
  • Best Value

    Gold Membership

    Every month
    Residential Preventative Maintenance
    Valid for 12 months
    • $275 member cost
    • $ 365 non-member cost
    • Furnace Combustion analysis
    • Repairs are 100% Guaranteed For One Year*
    • Thermostat Warranty
    • Yearly Safety Inspection
    • Annual Preventative Maintenance
    • 15% Discount on Air Purification Products.
  • Platinum Plan

    Every month
    Residential HVAC
    Valid for 12 months
    • $360 member cost
    • $540 Non member cost
    • 20% discount on repairs
    • 20% discount on air purification products and systems
    • Repairs are 100% guaranteed for 1 years
    • Thermostat Warranty
    • Annual Preventative Maintenance
    • Filters Included
    • Parts Coverage up to $150.00
    • $360 member cost
    • No trip charge (Kearney limits)

Download and Enroll in our service plan to become a Preventative Maintenance member

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